Visible Mending and what’s the problem with knitting top-down.

I made a school jumper 3 years ago for child#1 and it’s still in use for child #2. It was made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and washes quite well. It has frayed somewhat at the sleeves though.

I have learned the hard way why our ancestors worked their clothing bottom-up. If a garment frays at the hems, where it is most likely to, then the damage runs further and faster when the garment is made top-down, than if it’s made bottom-up.

I picked up stitches below the frayed area. I picked up a further 2 sts either side as well.

Then I worked in the original pattern (baby cable rib) for the same length as the cuff. I picked up a St from the jumper at the corresponding point at the start of each row. I cast off by working slip st into the cuff cast-off and slipping the previous St over. The cuff cast-off was quite firm actually, as I had replaced that recently.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any marching yarn and I had to guess at the needle size (3mm?), so this is a very visible mending. I’m quite determined that this jumper will last for as long as it fits. There may be more patching ahead! 

Honestly though, I think I have to just bite the bullet and get another ball of baby Cashmerino and rework the cuffs.


Wildacres Workshop at Puddleducks

Puddleducks, Ardee

I had a whale of a time at my first ever workshop last Saturday. The ladies who took the class were utterly charming, and keen to show me Ardee, which had it’s annual Turfman Festival on. Brilliant!

Ardee Turfman Festival
Ardee Turfman Festival

Clare is the owner of Puddleducks and she’s a busy lady! As well as running the yarn cafe, she makes and sells yummy jams and chutneys. I loved this notice on her van:

No Yummy Jam is Kept in this Van Over Night
No Yummy Jam is Kept in this Van Over Night

This is Puddleducks (looks really inviting, doesn’t it?):

Puddleducks, Ardee
Puddleducks, Ardee

This is a pic of my class in progress – I had knitted objects all over the place by the end – practically hanging from the chandeliers, so they were!

Class in Progress!!
Class in Progress!!

Clare put on a fab spread for us (Nommy!)

Le Feast!
Le Feast!

And look at these dinky little cupcakes! Perfect size really, as I could have 2!

Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes

I really enjoyed my first foray into Workshopping, and I definitely learned lots from how it went and the huge pool of knowledge that was in the room. I’m already thinking about what to put in the next one!

Driving from Dublin to Ardee for Wildacres Workshop in Puddleducks, Aug 3rd, Want a Lift?

Hello Dublin knitters!

My car. Not.
My car. Not.

I’ll be giving a very cool workshop on Aug 3rd in Puddleducks in Ardee, Co. Louth next Saturday (3rd Aug). See my previous post

If you’re thinking about coming, but don’t know how to get there, fear not! Your tame designer will chauffeur you there herself! So long as you don’t mind arriving half an hour earlier so I can set up. Let me know! At mo I have three empty seats. Save the environment! Come to my class!


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Make your knit your own – Workshop at Puddleducks, Ardee

I am delighted to announce I’ll be running a workshop in Puddleducks in Ardee, Co. Louth on Saturday week (August 3rd).

We’ll be using Wildacres as the workshop pattern.

There are many ways to make your knits your own. First and foremost, once you understand all the information set out in the pattern, you can plan how you want to change it. The next step is to choose whether to substitute the yarn type and colour. There are also many techniques for modifying as you go or working decorations into or onto your piece. This class will go through the pattern, teaching you the standard pattern elements so you can change what you want to make it unique. We will cover:
 – Choosing yarn
 – Elements of a pattern
 – Changing it up
 – If there’s time, surface embellishments (beading & embroidery).
Wildacres is knit in the round. There will be an opportunity to learn to knit in the round if you have not tried this before.
Materials for Wildacres: leftover DK yarn and 4.5mm circular needles (80cm long) (or size required to get gauge 20sts x 28rows / 10cm over st st)
Optional: If you have them, please bring a st st or ribbed square or even an old knit that could do with some “je ne sais quoi”!
This workshop costs 45 euro and is being hosted by Clare of Puddleducks.ght lunch and refresh
A light lunch and refreshments are included in the price.
Ring Clare with any queries
Puddleducks is a craft cafe (with lots of yummy cakes in both of the most important varieties… yarn cakes and chocolate!)
Puddleducks, Kells Road, Ardee, Co-Louth

spaces are limited and a non refundable
booking deposit of 25 euro is required.

Zebra Chevrons on the flat

By popular demand, here are the instructions for working Zebra Chevrons on the flat.

Zebra Chevron Swatch
Zebra Chevron Swatch

Previously, I gave the instructions for working it in the round.

With colour A, CO 24 sts

Row 1: With colour A, [k2, sl1] 8 times.

Row 2:  With colour A, [sl1, p2] 8 times.
Row 3: With colour B, [sl1, k2] 3 times, sl1, k3, [sl1, k2] 3 times, sl1, k1.

Row 4: With colour B, p1, sl1, [p2, sl1] 3 times, p3, sl1, [p2, sl1] 3 times.
Row 5: With A, k1, sl1, [k2, sl1] 3 times, k1, sl1, [k2, sl1] 3 times, k2.

Row 6: With A, p2, [sl1, p2] 3 times, sl1, p1, [sl1, p2] 3 times, sl1, p1.
Row 7: With B, repeat Row 1.

Row 8: With B, repeat Row 2.

Row 9: With A, repeat Row 3.

Row 10: With A, repeat Row 4.
Row 11: With B, repeat Row 5.

Row 12: With B, repeat Row 6.


Repeat Rows 1-12 for length desired.

Let me know how it works for you!

Beginning Knitting Lessons

Beginning Knitting Classes


Start on the RS

Wahey! All you peeps out there who want to learn to knit, good news!

I’ll be teaching in Hobbycraft Watford starting Tuesday 16th at 11am – 12pm.

Currently the plan is to have four lessons as follows:

Lesson 1 (April 16th): Casting on and getting started: Free!
Lesson 2 (April 23rd): Different stitches and casting off: £5
Lesson 3 (April 30th): Yarn, gauge and tension: £5
Lesson 4 (May 7th): Shaping with increases and decreases: £5

Each of the lessons will be drop-in – so you can pick and choose which ones to come to. However, I recommend booking a place in advance to ensure your place, as there’s only room for 6. Please bring 4mm needles and DK-weight yarn. I will be in the store from 10.30am for help and questions.

e-mail me on or call on 0774 280 3656 for more information.

Hobbycraft Watford’s address: Century Park, Walton Way, WD17 2SF