Zebra Chevrons on the flat

By popular demand, here are the instructions for working Zebra Chevrons on the flat.

Zebra Chevron Swatch
Zebra Chevron Swatch

Previously, I gave the instructions for working it in the round.

With colour A, CO 24 sts

Row 1: With colour A, [k2, sl1] 8 times.

Row 2:  With colour A, [sl1, p2] 8 times.
Row 3: With colour B, [sl1, k2] 3 times, sl1, k3, [sl1, k2] 3 times, sl1, k1.

Row 4: With colour B, p1, sl1, [p2, sl1] 3 times, p3, sl1, [p2, sl1] 3 times.
Row 5: With A, k1, sl1, [k2, sl1] 3 times, k1, sl1, [k2, sl1] 3 times, k2.

Row 6: With A, p2, [sl1, p2] 3 times, sl1, p1, [sl1, p2] 3 times, sl1, p1.
Row 7: With B, repeat Row 1.

Row 8: With B, repeat Row 2.

Row 9: With A, repeat Row 3.

Row 10: With A, repeat Row 4.
Row 11: With B, repeat Row 5.

Row 12: With B, repeat Row 6.


Repeat Rows 1-12 for length desired.

Let me know how it works for you!


Beginning Knitting Lessons

Beginning Knitting Classes


Start on the RS

Wahey! All you peeps out there who want to learn to knit, good news!

I’ll be teaching in Hobbycraft Watford starting Tuesday 16th at 11am – 12pm.

Currently the plan is to have four lessons as follows:

Lesson 1 (April 16th): Casting on and getting started: Free!
Lesson 2 (April 23rd): Different stitches and casting off: £5
Lesson 3 (April 30th): Yarn, gauge and tension: £5
Lesson 4 (May 7th): Shaping with increases and decreases: £5

Each of the lessons will be drop-in – so you can pick and choose which ones to come to. However, I recommend booking a place in advance to ensure your place, as there’s only room for 6. Please bring 4mm needles and DK-weight yarn. I will be in the store from 10.30am for help and questions.

e-mail me on catchloops@gmail.com or call on 0774 280 3656 for more information.

Hobbycraft Watford’s address: Century Park, Walton Way, WD17 2SF