Well, that was never going to work, was it? Me? Got to a joyful LYS and come away empty-handed?



Excited to have an excuse to go fondle some yarn! I need to source some DK-weight silk (or bamboo) blend yarn in high-contrast colours from an indie yarnie or spinner based in the UK or Ireland. This is for a design that needs to be finished by July 1st, so LET ME KNOW if you have such a beast!

I’m going to take the two little skeinlings with me, oh joy! Does the buggy come too or no? Eternal question for mums on the tube! Tired babies versus hoiking the wheels… no, it comes, otherwise i’ll be carrying the pair of lumps up all those stairs at Angel!

I’m especially eager to see these yarns:

Juno Pearl Image

ImageOld Maiden Aunt – Alpaca Silk Sport/fine DK

I really, really hope loop have swatched with these, cos otherwise I may be spending <gulp> £38 squids!