Funky necklace challenge complete!

Last night I posted a list of “ingredients” and challenged myself to make a necklace with them.
Stage 1: attach clasp bits to each end of a length of cord. Make half-hitches along entire length of straight cord.
Stage 2: increasing then decreasing lengths of crochet sts across central 11 sts

Stage 3: chain some more cord either side of central sts, wrap with remaining black ribbon (secured with leftover links from findings). Weave in ends!

Hope lil sis likes, she’s quite poorly at the mo.
Well that was fun! But I think I’ll go back to knitting now.

**Update, next day**
Fiddled with it a little more. Thought the hanging chain was a bit too long, so took some links out and wrapped the ribbon around a couple more times. Think A likes it. She put it on straightaway, anyhow!


Making challenge time

So I want to make a funky necklace for my sis. Today I bought 5m of this

2m of this

one of these (rose gold “look”, sprung hinge)

And 2 of these


I have no idea what I’m doing. But I’ll post about it when it’s done!