Sewing hack: measuring lots of quarter inches


If you need to pin one piece of fabric a small distance from an edge, e.g. pinning bias tape around a curve´╗┐, but hate fiddling with the tape measure or ruler at the same time, mark the small distance on your thumbnail with an erasable marker and use that instead.


Recycled Cuffs

20140325-195052.jpgMy daughter and I got in a little sewing time after school today. We cut the cuff off one of Daddy’s old shirts and took a strip from another and raided the button box. I think it’s quite cute. I would love to learn how to sew properly. The Sewing Bee is utterly engrossing, but it all looks so precise! Kinda too scared to just try it in case it turns out disastrously. Otoh, my first knitting projects were no oil paintings either!