Bow Ties Are Decorative

In keeping with the recent bow ties theme on this blog, here are some simple little bow ties that you can use to decorate your work.

skinny bows
skinny bows
knitted bows
Knitted bows

These cute little bows add a lovely little decorative touch to almost any project. Sew onto hats, scarves, jumpers, anything wearable. Make them into brooches or hairpins, put them on gift tags or greeting cards, the list really is endless. And the best thing is you can work up several in an evening in front of the TV!


Artesano Superwash Merino (DK; 100% Merino; 122 yds/112m/50g ball)

Scraps of

  • A: Mustard/old gold (7254)
  • B: Teal (6701)

Needles and Accessories

1 pair 4mm (UK 8/US 6) knitting needles


22 sts and 30 rows to 4in/10cm over stocking stitch

knitted bows
Knitted bows

Squat Bow

 Shown: one each in colours A and B.

Bow: Cast on 16 sts. Work 18 rows in garter st and bind off.

Tie: Cast on 4sts. Work 10 rows in st st and bind off.

Wrap the tie around the centre of the bow and pull it tight so the bow crumples at the centre. Stitch the tie in place.

Striped Bow

Bow: With colour A, cast on 16 sts. *Work 2 rows in garter st, then change colour. Repeat from * 8 more times. Bind off.

Tie: Using colour A, work as for Squat Bow.

skinny bows
skinny bows

Skinny Bow

Cast on 94 sts. Knit one row. Bind off. Tie it into a bow.

Tip: Sew a flat button onto the back of a skinny bow and you can then attach it to your garment through a buttonhole or a lace hole.


Weave in ends.

Block gently to measurements, following any yarn care instructions on the ball band.

Uppingham Hat with Blue Skinny Bow
Uppingham Hat with Blue Skinny Bow
Uppingham Hat with Yellow Skinny Bow
Uppingham Hat with Yellow Skinny Bow
Uppingham Hat with knitted bows
Uppingham Hat with knitted bows

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