Big Gay Fund Raising

Bristol Ivy has done a mega job of organising a bunch of us designers to donate pattern sales to LGBT causes for the duration of the Olympics.

I have two patterns in this, proceeds from which will go to Stonewall UK.

I have no gay, lesbian, bi or trans, heartwarming or tear-jerking stories to share. I just believe consenting adults should be allowed to love each other in whatever way they want.

1. Collared for £1.50

It’s a quick knit! This is one I made this morning from Lilith at Old Maiden Aunt’s “Nothing to Hide” colour way (serious amount of money raised for Stonewall UK). I used beads instead of sequins.

2. Bow Ties Are Cool Cowl for £2.95

This cowl plays with 3d shapes and bad Dr. Who puns. It looks Amazeballs in a rainbow yarn, check out creatingincanyon’s project!


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