How to make a pom pom sprinkled with loom bands

Here’s a fun way to add some colour to your bobbles.

1. Cut out two donuts from card. Leave a slit. The inner diameter of these was 7/8″ or 2cm, and the outer diameter was 2 1/4″ or 5.5cm

2. Wrap yarn around the donuts.


3. Pop some loom bands on too. Distribute them roughly equally around the rings. Use about 20 bands.


4. Another layer of yarn. Cover the bands.


5. Another layer of bands.


6. A final layer of yarn. Your pom pom is probably getting quite full now (if not, keep layering).


7. The heart-stopping bit: cut the yarn and bands all the way around. Insert the scissors between the two card rings.


8. Work a length of yarn in between the pieces of card and tie off tightly. Do this twice if you can. Don’t worry if a couple of lengths of yarn fall out, just get that ball tied off!


9. Trim your pom pom down to size! The loom bands, being elastic, may retract a little into the ball. Try to tease them out or trim back to reveal them.


10. Done!



Colour-In your own Wildacres

One of my testers had a genius idea when she was starting Wildacres. She printed out the schematic and coloured it in to see how the yarns she had chosen would work. You can see it on rav here.

I thought it was such a good idea that I have supplied a picture here for you to colour in too!

Please feel free to download/print out this image and plan your own Wildacres.

I had fun colouring some in using one of the basic paint packages on my computer.