Taking Better Project Pics

I have ordered a book on taking better project pics. I really, really, hope it’ll help cos currently my projects on ravelry or pretty suck-tastic. They bear little relation to how well the projects look in real life. I know some of the basics; i.e. outdoor light, but not blazing sun; in focus, not too many other distracting things in the pic – so I hope there’s a bit more than that in the book. Since I just cannot afford a new camera, but the battery in the existing one lasts about ten minutes; I have also invested in two(!) new batteries for it. Including postage, £14, which will get me some nice long photo sessions. As well as good pics and vids of the kids. And since my lovely hubby is splashing out on getting us a new computer too, we should be set up! I love my friend the Lady A, and she was really generous to give us her old machine, but man, getting anything done on it is like climbing up a cliff on a planet with an atmosphere made of treacle.


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