Introduction to Catching Loop

Dear Reader,

Welcome! My name is Elanor King and I’m a knitwear designer. This is my first non-anonymous, public appearance on the web, and I’m just a little nervous about it. First impression stress hittin’ home and all that. How about I just tell you I’m funny, informative and my patterns kick ass, would that do? No? I have to back it up with actual humorous, interesting, content and really good Yuen Woo-ping-stylee designs? Eep! This is worse than speed-dating!

Way back when, before balls of yarn filled every cupboard and drawer in my house, and my shelves had more than knitting pattern books on them, I was a software engineer. In fact, I may possibly have been just a little bit of a geek. In the programming languages I used most often, there were “catch loops” that would be triggered if an error occurred. Like, if a customer on a shopping site tries to buy an out-of-stock item, the catch (no-items-left) loop might pop up a little message box saying something like “Sorry, we’re all out of KnitPros, would you like to try some Addis?”.

So my life catch loop probably goes a bit like this:

try{    beSAHM();

} catch (burnt_dinner, nappy_explosion, looming_deadline, unkissed_booboo, leaky_bath) {





Knit long and prosper!

x Elanor


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