Winnie’s Craft Cafe

I was in Winnie’s Craft Cafe this weekend. Address is 3 Woodbine Park  Booterstown, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland, call +353 1 260 3734.

Winnie's Craft Cafe
Winnie’s Craft Cafe

I was unfortunately accompanied by a tired but manic toddler, so there was no sitting down, having a hot chocolate and sampling cake for me, it was as much of an in-out job as I could make it!

It’s quite difficult to find unless you know it’s there – not really the kind of place you’ll just happen across as it’s in a small parade of shops in the middle of a housing estate. Sat-nav lady got me there safe and sound though, good girl.

Winnie’s stocks Sirdar, Patons, some Rowan and lots of lovely Drops. Drops is brill stuff cos it’s pretty good quality AND cheap. I don’t know how they do it, acually.

I came away with 3 balls of Fabel, 2 of metal-shiny cotton viscose and a single sirdar supersoft aran for a commission. And some pins so I could block some sample swatches I needed to wash. And the whole lot was 10-something. Euro!

I left hastily before my son could fall over again or rip anything else off the walls (and before they realised they’d undercharged, I mean, they must have)!

Definitely will go again next time I’m home. I’m determined to get that slice of cake!


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