Got a letter from the revenue commissioners this morning – nothing bad, but anything from them throws me for a loop. I’m now wandering around the internet instead of working.

Agh, income tax!!!

A bit later

Do you get a rush from sorting out a problem, or finding out that something that you thought would be a problem, isn’t, really? Anyway, phew, all sorted with thing from revenue. I couldn’t DO anything except fret till I got on to one of them and found out what I needed to do to make it all go away.

Now to sort out car insurance, roof tiles and some ACTUAL knitting work: proposals I’m supposed to be writing.

Agh, drilling!!

Ooh, and I drilled holes for a curtain rail this morning – I’m rockin’ the superwoman world today! I HATE drilling holes. Puts my heart in my mouth every time. And when I got to the post office to pick up the package that I was convinced was going to be the new curtain, turned out to be the kids’ blasted tip’n’sip coco pops bowl. Grrrr. More trash to fill up the house. And the kitchen back door’s still sucking all the warmth from the entire northern hemisphere, as far as I can tell.

Agh, clutter!

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