Shower me the Money

My hubby was in the shower last Tuesday morning as I was preparing breakfast, and suddenly, I found myself sharing the shower with him. Not in the same room, mind. The plumber came round and £250 pounds later, we have a spanking new shower and a fistful of dire warnings about the state of our bath. Apparently it is disintegrating. As in, the fibreglass is shredded and who knows when I might be taking more showers with my man. So my gauge was a little tight last week, shall we say!

We’re saving for a new bathroom – hopefully it’ll get done within the next year – I want the blandest, cleanest looking bathroom available with a shiny white suite. Currently, it’s a sickly yellow-pink. Ugh. And we’re pretty sure it was put together on a DIY basis by the last guy who lived here – we have had so many problems with it. Complete bodge job. Nothing seems to have been put in right. The pipes on the loo have had to be changed, the overflow doesn’t work, the sink has a w bend instead of an s-bend, none of the tiles are parallel and the grouting is mostly on top instead of between. <Rant over> (sorry).

I dunno what you’re looking down here for, I am not posting pics of my bathroom.

May your week be leak-free, and may nothing but blessings rain down upon you!


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