Hitch! Shooting today… 7 months ago…

Check out ReWolluzza’s post “Hitch! Shooting today….”

I is late to this party…

Amazing what you can find with google.

What an interesting garment that is in the foreground in @knitgrrl’s Instagram from last Aug.

Do you like?

<hugs self in glee>


2 thoughts on “Hitch! Shooting today… 7 months ago…

  1. I totally wish we could get a few more pictures in advance… It’s so exciting!
    Did you design the sweater with the ‘herringbone’ pattern? That’s on my must-knit-list since I saw the pics in the Hitch designer group…

    1. Yes, me too, some more pics would be great, all I know is from Steph’s blog – that it should be in print form in June – very excited! Yup, that’s my baby, yours are the fab red gloves, right?

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