Hook Hunt

I need some decent crochet hooks. A set, preferably, as I only have a few left – they seem to just disappear, for some reason. Ooh, I’ve been meaning to tell you about our Borrower. There’s one that lives somewhere near our couch where I like to sit in the evening. We’ve lost whole toys near it (and I ain’t talking McDonald’s Happy Meal size stuff here, either). Anyway, it likes buttons and unopened balls of yarn. Knitting needles, not so much, but it must EAT crochet hooks.

So, I’m having a look around to see what’s available in my price range. I have KnitPro Symfonie needles, and I do like to have everything matching, so maybe some of these from cafeknit?

I think with hooks, I really need to go down below a 3mm though, so I better go metal. 

I also want rounded ends as I once gave myself a blister on the palm of my hand with a real cheapie.

On the other hand, I really only use them for edgings, so I don’t need to go overboard on luxury – rules out the lantern moons!

the-ultimate-crochet-hook-review reckons I need an in-line, pointy hook with a rest.

I’m gonna go hunting offline methinks. In the meantime, I might make do with one clover soft touch to try it out… in a 3mm or smaller, I think, since I’m working with 4ply a lot at the mo.

Open to suggestions though! Leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Hook Hunt

  1. Want me to have a look in that knitting shop accross the road from work in Powerscourt? Although, if you’re home soon maybe you can look yourself and collect me from work?!!

  2. I love Brittany hooks for larger sizes but anything smaller than 5 or 4mm clover soft touch are fab.The one time I used a knit pro hook it broke!

    1. I’ve had one brittany hook, but it was quite rough inside the cleft of the hook – caught on my yarn all the time. I suspect it was one that somehow missed a bit of sanding down, but I stepped on it by accident before I could send it back. It had a lovely weight to it though. Clover soft touch it is so for my next tryout! Thanks!

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