How to Blog

Just went to a hugely interesting talk at the local WI. I _did_ tell you I was in the WI? No? Well, that’s, like,SO old news. Last month yadda yadda. @wi_ha5


Anyway, We heard from Chrissie, aka @mediocre_mum of


Chrissie told us lots of stuff about blogging that I really should have known but had been afraid to google. Stuff like: (and this is me wildly paraphrasing after a whole glass of wine!)

  •   Use tweetdeck to manage twitter (thank god there’s something out there cos I can’t keep up with all that blurgh)
  •  It’s not a bodily function, tell people when you’ve just blogged. Syndicate.
  • Blog 2-3 times a week at least (oopsie)
  •  Use images
  •  Use more images
  • Keep things short and to the point
  •  Use titles that google will like, not cleverdick  phrases and puns (oopsie again)
  • Do how-tos
  •  Do recipes
  • Do bullet points (see!)
  • Get other people to write your blogs for you! Or at least, post stuff up for you
  • Review stuff
  • Say something about yourself to round out your online persona
  • And I’ve forgotten lots, but hey ho, this is enough to be going on with.

And so to bed. X luv ya! (Jeez, I’m really letting the family name down now. My tolerance has gone through the floor.)


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