Technical Editing

In a nutshell

  • Current status: available to new clients
  • Fees: £16 per hour
  • Knitting patterns only (but see below)
  • Use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch


What is technical editing?

I could go into detail on this topic, but I won’t. The short answer is if you’ve written a knitting pattern, I will check it for the following kinds of mistake and more besides:
  • mathematical e.g. stitch counts
  • structural e.g. armhole/sleevehead mismatches
  • language e.g. spelling and grammatical errors
  • logical e.g. working the buttonband before the front is finished
  • layout e.g. charts, schematics, photos & illustrations
  • ambiguities e.g. turns of phrases that may obscure an explanation

What are my fees?

My fees are £16 an hour, so a garment usually works out at £40-£50 unless there is loads of back-and-forth.
I don’t charge new clients for the first hour which can be used for an accessory & to see if we get on.
The more complicated the item, the longer it will take, ditto for mistakes so any estimates I give can only be rough.

How do I operate as a TE?

I prefer to work from the pattern file only. My belief is that I should only have the information the end user will have, so I probably wouldn’t look at your raw calculations.

The TE calculations on the otherhand will be in excel and you are welcome to view them at any point. I usually work with the designer in a shared Dropbox folder, making a new version of the pattern document for each round of back-and-forth. Patterns will normally require 2-3 rounds.
My modus operandi is to work on a pdf or word doc and leave notes or suggestions for you to correct or override. It is your pattern so you are under no obligation to take on any of my suggestions, but I still request a formal rejection otherwise I assume you didn’t see it.

Do you do crochet patterns?

I haven’t done one yet, but I’d love to give it a try & add crochet TE to my repertoire. I would offer reduced rates for the experience.


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